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Welcome, dancer!

Pop-up danceclasses for international dancers in the Netherlands.

How to find a balletschool and teacher.

Finding a balletschool that suits you can be challenging. I compiled an action plan for you to follow so you can find your school.

What do you need to optimally take your balletclass?

What do you need to optimally take your balletclass? I made a list for you, so you cannot fail. On the list are baleltshoes, a leotard, ballettights, tying up your hair and a balletskirt, vest, legwarmers and balletbag. These items help you enjoy your classes even more.

Why you, as an expat, should join a balletclass.

Dancing is universal. So when you become an expat in another country, it does not mean you have to stop dancing. On the contrary. If you are still hesitating to join a class in your guest country. Then let me give you a few reasons why you can and should definitely join. Reason number 1: …


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