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5 reasons to go to your balletclass every week.

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5 reasons to go to your balletclass every week.

Obviously we are all very busy. Work, family, social obligations and also your balletclass. Where do you get the time to get everything done? It’s tricky. But if you have chosen a hobby, it is advisable to also really free up time to create some regularity. Naturally with the exception of the times you are ill or have a family obligation. Of course you can have a little bit of hesitation to go out the door to go dancing, after coming home from a long day at work. Again, I understand, you come home tired and the sofa beckons. But I am going to give you 5 reasons why coming to your ballet class every week can be very nice.

  • Reason nr. 1: The lesson material stays in your memory.

When you come to your balletclass every week, you will find that you can remember and understand the lesson material better. Because repeating the material will absorb it into your muscle memory. At given time you can do a certain movement without thinking too much. But to achieve this, you must have done it a lot of times before. You might have heard the saying “practice makes perfect”. The movements just go so much better if you take the time to practice.

I often divide my classes in blocks of four. The first balletclass is the introduction of the new teaching material, the second lesson is repetition, and I clearly explain everything again. During the third lesson I explain the exercises faster and shorter and there is already some room for your own input, revival and addition of dynamics and musicality. In the fourth lesson you will have covered the lesson material and have it in your body. This works well. Provided you are present for at least 3 of these 4 classes.

And if you can better remember and understand the balletclass, you will arrive at our second reason.

  • Reason nr. 2: Your technique will improve faster and better.

Because if you know the lesson material, you can make it your own, get feedback from your teacher, improve your technique and just enjoy dancing much more. If you have missed things, you fall behind the material and the group an that is just a shame. You will also notice that you are not actually moving forward and staying on a certain level. And then you start getting reluctant and after a while will skip your balletclass all together. This can easily be avoided by going to your weekly ballet class.

5 reasons why going to your weekly balletclass is beneficial to you.
Practice makes perfect.
  • Reason nr. 3: Social bonding with your fellow ballet dancers.

When you come in every week, you will also start building up contacts and social ties with the other dancers in your group. I have seen real friendships emerge in the ballet class. And you will also develop an additional social network. We have ballet groups on WhatsApp, where people congratulate each other, ask questions, think along and also help each other out side of the balletclass, and do fun things together. When you are not that actively involved, you will get a bit isolated and will not feel at ease anymore and you may think of quitting all together.

It is actually that community feeling of the past when we were little children. And in 2019 of course this feeling is less, but you will find that people are still searching and are eager to build a community, to prevent isolation and the agitation of everyday life.

  • Reason nr. 4: One fixed hour per week of ‘compulsory’ relaxing.

This is your hour of relaxation. So do not let anyone take that away from you. It may sound selfish, but you have to do so much during the week and you have the feeling you are being lived. Nowadays we have so much stimuli around us and we are reacting on almost everything during the day. And there are situations that need to get resolved. Obviously you become tired, but during an hour of relaxation you can let go and process things.   You will see that you will charge yourself and be better in problem -solving. So don’t feel guilty and go enjoy an hour of dancing. It is also proven that if your body is in good shape, you also do things more easily and are happier and healthier.

  • Reason nr. 5: You remain actively involved in your hobby.

You will notice that if you are going to do other things, while you would actually be at your ballet class, you will soon stay away easier. And even though you liked the lessons, a threshold has now been formed to return. And now it has become difficult to go and return. It has occurred several times that people disappeared and came back a year (or even years) later. They then told me that they found it difficult to pick up the ballet lessons again. But after that first lesson they are super happy that they came.

So, here you have it, think about it. And I can hear already hear you say that sometimes it is really tricky and other things happen that take precedence. Of course, that may be. But truth be told , if you really want to, then make time free. It is also a matter of committing to something or a group of people. And if you really want to, then it is possible to block one hour a week in your busy schedule and just go for it .

Have fun!

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