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How to find a balletschool and teacher.

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How to find a balletschool and teacher.

Often I get the following question: ” How do I find the balletschool and teacher that suit me?” To answer that question, I have written down a comprehensive plan, which you can follow step by step.


Firstly you will start with research on the internet. You enter ballet and/or balletschool into your search engine. For instance, with the city or area, you want your school to be. After hitting enter, you will get a list of schools on your screen. You will visit every school’s website for more information and the first ‘feel’ of the school. Also, visit the schools on your list on social media. Nowadays you can see a lot of photos and video on Instagram and Facebook. Maybe the school even has a YouTube channel you can visit.

By visiting the website and social media, you can get a feel if this school could be a good fit for you or not. Because, for example, if you are looking for good balletclasses and all you see is photo’s of streetdance, this can be a good reason to remove this school from your list.

Use your search engine to find a balletschool.
Do research via your search engine and make a list of schools.
Take a class or not?

Okay, you have seen some websites and made a shortlist of schools that might be a good fit. After that you ndeed to decide if you want to go take a class or not. You have read which days the classes are, and at what time. You also found out where the school is located.

Think about how to get there. And imagine if you are willing to go there every week for class. Above all, are you looking forward to it or not?


Now you are going to take action! Send an e-mail to the school you want to visiit. You can also choose to make a call or send a message via Messenger on the Facebook page of the school.


I bet you will receive an answer swiftly and enthusiastically. And receive an invitation to come to class. Acknowledge that you will be there, and ask any questions you have. Like what to bring and what to wear in class. This is to make sure you will not have any surprises. And to adjust your own expectations.

In your schedule.
Make firste contact with the balletschool you want to go dance at.
Make first contact with the balletschool.

Put the appointment in your schedule, to make sure you will not forget. And make sure in advance how to get there and how much time it will take you. Do this to prevent you from having an awkward start, by running in late. You want to have a positive and relaxed start, right?


Finally, the day of your class! See if you can leave your work or home on time and make sure you are at the school at least 15 minutes before the class starts. If this is a professional danceschool, then you will be received by an employee of the school, who will show you the dressing room and the dance room. Also ask where the toilets are located. In case you need to go during class and have to go look for them. In this case you will loose precious dance time and that would be a shame.


Talk to people, ask how long they dance. And how long at this school. You will immediately see how you are received in to this group. In addition, you will see if this is a good fit for you. The most important is that you feel good about it. That you feel safe and inspired. Is this the environment you want to be every week? Together with these people and this teacher?

Does it feel good?

Above all, is the answer to the question above yes? Do you have a positive connection with the other dancers and the teacher? Congratulations! You had a successful experience and you have found your danceschool. In other words you are ready.

In conclusion. enroll, pay for the course and go dance every week.

Have fun!

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