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What do you need to optimally take your balletclass?

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What do you need to optimally take your balletclass?

After class I talked to Emma, who loved the class and wished to come to dance every week. Therefore she asked me what she needed to start taking classes. I get that question a lot, so I decided to make a list. And since you have started to read this, I bet I can give you some tips. Afterward, you can have everything you need to optimally take your balletclass.

1. Ballet shoes

These shoes are made out of leather or synthetic fiber. Keep in mind, that the numbers on the bottom of the ballet shoes do not correspond with the numbers under your regular street shoes. So ask for assistance in the shop when you are going to buy the shoes.

Be mindful that you do not want your toes to touch the edge of the shoe. You should be able to do a releve and a plie comfortably. And you will want to buy your ballet shoes in a specialty store for dancers. Just to be sure you bought the right product. Ballet shoes for adults cost around 20 to 30 euros.

People ask me why they cannot dance on their socks or sneakers. Well, simply put, these are just not right to execute your ballet movements on. Real ballet shoes will help you execute your ballet movements in optimal form. The shoes will form around your feet and give you support. They will help you stretch and flex your feet, and that is what you want, so you will be able to jump high in the air and push off for pirouettes.

2. Leotard

Leotards are made out of special, stretchy material, which will give you freedom of movement. You will want to check with your dance studio if they have a special color or style as their uniform. If that is the case, then ask them where to buy one.

However, most adult ballerinas choose their own style and color to train in. Spaghetti-straps, low back, high back, you name it. It is up to your taste and mood.

A picture of a ballerina in a leotard with tights.
A picture of a ballerina in a leotard with tights.

3. Ballettights

Ballet dancers wear pink tights, so the teacher will be able to see your muscles work and be able to give you feedback to improve your skills. The tights will also keep your muscles warm. Therefore you will not cool down fastly. Ballet tights with feet are like a thicker pantyhose, and the version without feet resembles a thin legging. Ask at your balletstudio which they prefer for the classes you are taking up.

4. Tie up your hair.

Make sure your hair is free from your neck and not in your eyes. You will enjoy your dancing more when everything is secure, and you do not have to occupy yourself with fixing your hair. Just relax and dance. Dancers with short hair will apply clips in their hair, and maybe also a hairband. Dancers with longer hair can make a braid and twist this into a ballet bun. Fix it with special ‘bun-pins’. There are a lot of tutorials on making a ballet bun on YouTube. Visit YouTube and just type in ‘ballet bun’. 

5. Optional: skirt, vest, legwarmers, balletbag.

In conclusion: with ballet shoes, leotard, and tights, you can also wear a ballet skirt. This will move beautifully when you dance and, makes you feel like a real ballerina. During the cold days in winter, you may also want to wear a ballet vest and legwarmers. These will keep your muscles nice and warm and give your body an overall toasty and cosy feeling.

You might want to keep all your things together in a ballet bag. A ballet bag will have handy, special compartments, so you can keep your hairbrush and ballet shoes apart.

Well, that was the list. These things will help you enjoy your balletclass even more. It will enhance the complete experience. So go ahead and buy it and enjoy!

The basics for your class on one photo.
The basics for your class on one photo.
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