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Why you, as an expat, should join a balletclass.

Pop up danceclasses for international dancers in the Netherlands.

Why you, as an expat, should join a balletclass.

Dancing is universal. So when you become an expat in another country, it does not mean you have to stop dancing. On the contrary.
If you are still hesitating to join a class in your guest country. Then let me give you a few reasons why you can and should definitely join.

Reason number 1: You already know the French, ballet terminology.

Firstly, when you are practicing the art of ballet, it is most certainly possible to pick up where you left off. Becoming an expat does not have to stop that. The vocabulary of all the ballet movements, steps and postures are in French. So, wherever you are on our globe. If you learned ballet, you can follow a class. You will be able to follow along with the explanation of your teacher. Therefore, you will be able to understand the exercises and choreography.

Taking up balletclasses as an expat is possible.
Taking up ballet classes as an expat is possible.

Reason number 2: Learn the language of your host country.

You can get a long way by filtering out the French and copying the movements from the teacher and the other dancers. And you will notice, that when you attend class every week you start to decipher more and more of the language of your host country. Thus learning more than just talking to your colleagues and hearing it on the television.

Reason number 3: Make new friends.

Obviously, you will have something in common with your fellow dancers. Being your interest in ballet. That will make it easier to break the proverbial ice and make new friends. You will notice that Dutch people are very open to making new connections. And will welcome you in the group. Almost every Dutch person speaks English. And will provide you with the opportunity to practice your Dutch.

In conclusion, go out there, socialize, enjoy and dance your heart out!

Anne-Marie Pos-Terlouw

Artistic and managing director Balletstudio Violetta/Compagnie Violetta

Member of the International Dance Council, Unesco

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